What does automated mean? 

Patent renewals are different depending on which jurisdictions you are covering with your patent(s).

We have automated several steps of the process covering:

  1. Keeping updated with all legislation changes in real time. Making sure that we always have the latest legislation information in order to process a renewal.

  2. In some jurisdictions, you are required to have a local agent to perform the renewal. We have partnerships all around the world covering all jurisdictions where local agents are required. Please see next point, point 3.

  3. We have automated all types of correspondence. Hereunder contact with the patent offices regarding renewals, contact with the local agents regarding renewals, sending faxʼs and formulas to the patent offices that require so. We have also automated the entire correspondence regarding getting the necessary information regarding special patents.

  4. Billing and invoicing have also been automated as well as reminder letters for ensuring payment on time.

  5. Confirmation of renewal from patent offices are monitored automatically and a confirmation of your renewals are automatically updated in real time.

  6. We further have automated the payment flow to the patent offices. We take care of exchange rates, and transferring money to the right recipient in the right currency, with the right amount at the right time.

  7. If youʼd like us too, we have also automated the client invoicing on your behalf, meaning that if you have clients whom you make renewals on behalf, then we can take care of the entire correspondence, billing, invoicing and renewals for you. Please contact nfw@patentrenewal.com for more information.

  • We do also upload and validate your patent information automatically.

  • Everything can always be supervised by you and managed from the software.

  • We have several safety procedures in place to be sure of timely payments and procedures.

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