With PatentRenewal.com you are able to: 

  1. Grow your business and secure profitability

  2. Gain access to high security and a flexible service

  3. Become more competitive

Your business will grow because of the following factors;

  1. You will be able to improve your cost-effectiveness by leveraging upon automation. This will give you the opportunity to use less time and human resources on patent renewals because, factors such as; messaging, handling patent data, legislation, and payments are automated across the patent jurisdictions. This will take you from fixed costs, to variable costs.

  2. You are able to automate the client relationship management element, thanks to the client-focused interface. This will also provide your clients with a sense of control as well as, transparency. You choose who has access, and who should have spectator rights or editing rights.

  3. The software is designed in a way which allows for a simple user experience. It gives you the option to divide your portfolio into cost centers whilst at the same time, helps with keeping your actions to the minimum necessity. Simply put, browse, schedule and track your patent renewals.

  4. Due to our flat pricing, your budgeting will improve and your cash flow on foreign payments will become more efficient.

On top of the above benefits, it is our software automation which will ensure that all due dates and fees are constantly monitored and tracked, removing any errors that come with human interaction. We offer to handle your renewals by directly invoicing your clients on your behalf, simplifying your administration. In addition to this, we also have workflows that handle situations where you give credit to your clients.

Lastly, by using a SaaS solution like ours, you will avoid heavy and complicated software installations and benefit from having a software that is constantly updated and of the latest version.

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