We at patentrenewal.com created a failsafe process for handling renewal payments in time.

Firstly, we send you a renewal notification 90 days before the invoicing period for renewals. After getting this notification you will be able to inform us, with the help of our platform, which annuity payments you want to continue and which to cancel.

Secondly, 60 days prior to the renewal due date we provide you with another reminder as well as an invoice. The due date of our invoice is always 30 days before the due date of the renewals. This should give you plenty of time to attend to your invoice, so we can renew your patents before their due date.

Although it is always preferred to pay the renewal fees in time, we can imagine scenarios where you are late with your payment, since things are not always going as planned. In these cases, we will always make our best effort to renew your patents regardless of the late payment, yet you must keep in mind that the renewal process can extend to the grace period, which might lead to higher costs for you. In these instances, we always keep active contact with you and inform you transparently about your opportunities.

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